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    what language do they speak in bali indonesia so, it they is important for foreigners who are planning to come to bali for holiday, work or live to know basic phrases and words in indonesian to be able to communicate with the locals. this will help you what to live your bali life easier. in addition, the locals love it when you speak bahasa indonesia, they will right away to make friends with you if. english is the common " third" language and the most popular foreign language by far ( after indonesian and balinese). due to tourism requirements a lot of balinese speak a level of english that allows them to communicate with tourists on a basic they level. but you will meet many who do speak a rather good level of english. over 700 living languages are spoken in indonesia with indonesian being the official language of the country. jakarta, the largest city in indonesia as well as its capital. there are an estimated 700 languages used in indonesia, most of which are austronesian languages. balinese is the local speak language spoken in bali, indonesia and rarely in parts of lombok what and east java. it is a very tough language for non- balinese to master, and bears no resemblance to bahasa indonesia.

    there are several languages that are spoken in bali. these include balinese, as well as indonesian. the region of bali dictates the language spoken. balinese people speak a language called bali or. the vocabulary of indonesian borrows heavily from regional languages of indonesia, such as javanese, sundanese and minangkabau, as well as from dutch, sanskrit what and arabic. the indonesian language is primarily used in commerce, administration, education and the media. most indonesians speak other languages, such as javanese, as their first. those are the languages of what language do they speak in bali topic. there are still other languages to be spoken in bali. bali language also apply the accent or slang or terms in their different region because they have different cultures as well. the official languages of bali are balinese and indonesian, of which balinese is the native language of bali and the indonesian unites the whole of indonesia.

    since tourism has been one of the major sources of income in bali, a large portion of the region speak a decent level of english. apart from these three major languages, you are most. balinese or simply bali, is a malayo- polynesian language spoken by 3. 3 million people ( as of ) on the indonesian island of bali as well as northern nusa penida, western lombok, eastern java, southern sumatra, and sulawesi. is english widely spoken in bali? [ read also: what language do what you speak in bali? ] this article describes english skill level in bali. english first ( ef) conducted annual survey to find out the english skill level to non- english speaking countries in the world.

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    What language do they speak in bali indonesia
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    What language do they speak in bali indonesia

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